VINCENT JOHN (‘Johnny’) READ : 1934 – 2020 : A very sad loss : David Durose pays tribute

Johnny died on 1st June, after a long, complicated, often painful, series of illnesses. His period of woes started, as they only could with Johnny, over 15 years ago through a cycling accident. He was on his way home to Weymouth, after the lunch stop at Loders, with a group of ‘Wednesday Wanderers’ (he had inherited responsibility for its organization from its founder, George Fox), when he happened to hit a stick lying innocuously across his path. The stick went into Johnny’s front wheel and he ended up in an ambulance going to Dorchester Hospital’s A&E. His recovery was slow and subsequently he was found to have prostate cancer. Then he developed a very painful throat cancer. He had to give up riding his bike twice a week with the West Dorsets and his company was sorely missed by his many friends. Jan took over his daily care and companionship on his frequent hospital visits. Nevertheless, Johnny still played out his quiet, mischievous sense of humour in his e-mails to friends near and far. Johnny raced with the club in the 50’s and 60’s, mainly in club events and the former interclub ’50’, with modest success. Touring holidays with Jan were his delight, as were his so regular outings with the West Dorset CTC. Our condolences go to Jan, whose nursing and caring undoubtedly prolonged Johnny’s time with us, and to his son.